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Plumbing Repairs Santa Fe, New Mexico

Comfort Doctor Heating and Cooling prides itself on being the most reliable and knowledgeable plumber in Santa Fe, NM. No job is too large or too small.

For all those little jobs from fixing faucets, stopping drips, replacing old piping, replacing valves, repairing toilets, repairing water heaters, fixing underground water leaks, fixing gas lines, call Comfort Doctor Heating and Cooling.

Replaced the guts on the house bib. Plumbing work.

Dancing Ground Road SANTA FE, NM

Replaced outdoor hose bib.

West Arrowhead Circle SANTA FE, NM

Repaired leak on 3/4 mainline. Installed an 8 inch pvc with an 8 inch cap. Installed new water shut off

Cresencio Lane SANTA FE, NM

Installed a blower motor assembly and new capacitor. After installation the loud noise went away. The system is in working condition.

Canyon Cliff Drive SANTA FE, NM

Replaced shower cartridge/valve in the customer's bathroom.

Tanoito SANTA FE, NM

Installation of a trap primer in the mechanical room.

Shiprock Peak SANTA FE, NM

Unplugged the tub drain and the sink in the bathroom. There was clogging due to hair and toothpaste

Wolf Road SANTA FE, NM

Installed a ball valve on the cold water line. Also inspected the customer's 2009 evaporative/swamp cooler

Old Pecos Trail #404 SANTA FE, NM

Installed a timer on the re-circulation pump

Calle Espejo SANTA FE, NM

Discovery of a leak in the customer's radiant heating. Assisted customer in finding restoration and remediation companies to assist with the repair of the floor.

Calle Siete Casas SANTA FE, NM

Replaced the expansion tank with the relief vent quarter. Replaced zone valve power head and drip leg. Replaced a potable water expansion tank. This was done for the customer's boiler (radiant heating) and water heater

Calle Guillermo SANTA FE, NM

Mounted a tank on the toilet. The toilet was taken apart due to a leak.

Tequila Sunset Santa Fe, NM SANTA FE, NM

Repaired water line from the kitchen sink to the dishwasher. A valve was installed so that the water can turn on and off

Big Chief Rd SANTA FE, NM

Fixed the overflow valve in the bathroom connected to the Jacuzzi bathtub.

Camino de Jemez SANTA FE, NM

Performed service on the customer's boiler/radiant heating system. Miscellaneous repairs on boiler and water heater

Camino Cabra SANTA FE, NM

Inspection of all the gas fittings in the home

Camino de Pastores SANTA FE, NM

tightened condensate line and replaced the tee on the line as well

First Light SANTA FE, NM

Repaired leak coming through roof down the water heater to the floor

Via Venado SANTA FE, NM

Pressed TMP tee

B Camino Del Rincon SANTA FE, NM

Replaced the fast fill for the boiler and the TMP on the boiler

Palacio Rd SANTA FE, NM