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" Appointments cancelled more than once, Took numerous times to finally find the problem. Hope it is fixed."
D . A from Santa Fe, NM on November 4th, 2018
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" It was my fault that I did not have the appliance replacement on hand when your person came to see about the old disposal leaking. Buying it through you cost twice as much as thru Amazon, plus the cost of travel to pick it up. The power was off when your man came so I should have asked we do the whole job later. Then I would have had time to buy the disposal online and have it here when your person came. The actual work he did was fine, but the cost was astronomical: $829.00 to pull and replace a garbage disposal! I'll be more careful next time."
R . S from Santa Fe, NM on August 17th, 2016
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" Poor installation, left an air pocket in the line resulting in no hot water and pump running on air for three hours until discovered and called back. And $800 for a one hour job to install a $300 pump? "
K . M from Santa Fe, NM on August 17th, 2016
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"To date my floors do not heat as they did with the old boiler. IT is almost impossible to attain a comfortable shower; either too hot or too cool. Installerf, Comfort Doctor has come out and adjusted the settings many times; nothing has changed. These issues did not exist with the previous boiler; replaced due to an electrolysis problem. The boiler was functioning properly but was the housing was being damaged and it was only a matter of time.The floors were warm throughout with the old boiler, not so with the new. Was given the excuse that the water lines in the floor were not laid in the right direction; therefore heat was not distributed. Those lines were not replaced. Comfort Doctor came out with equipment that shows the water lines in the floor lie in different directions in the 2 rooms. So that excuse holds not water. I was suppose to be contacted 2 weeks ago; but nothing so far.Meantime I am given a lot of promises; but nothing changes. Perhaps the rating should be unsatisfactory not just below average. Especially since the costs are above average for plumbing services here in Santa fe"
b . D from Santa Fe, NM on February 24th, 2016
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"Had difficulties with scheduling and the "technician" was really a salesman, and a bad one at that. No discussion or adjusting or repairing faulty part, just "order a new one"."
G . S from Santa Fe, NM on June 4th, 2015
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