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Plumbing Repairs Santa Fe, New Mexico

Comfort Doctor Heating and Cooling prides itself on being the most reliable and knowledgeable plumber in Santa Fe, NM. No job is too large or too small.

For all those little jobs from fixing faucets, stopping drips, replacing old piping, replacing valves, repairing toilets, repairing water heaters, fixing underground water leaks, fixing gas lines, call Comfort Doctor Heating and Cooling.

Plumber snaked 3 toilets.

Old Bridge Ct. SANTA FE, NM

Technician installed a kitchen faucet and also a shower valve.

Camino Weber SANTA FE, NM

Installation of Mitsubishi

Placita Loma SANTA FE, NM

Repaired 1- pt of 3/8 copper pipe and 1 hour of labor

Feather Rd SANTA FE, NM

Technician replaced 2 3/4 curb stop pvc fittings time and material will be billed.

Vista Grande Dr, SANTA FE, NM

Technician performed a camera inspection and snaked the line, they found roots on the lines. Sewer line needs to be repalced.

Morcela St SANTA FE, NM

Replacing of power vent, install drip leg on the boiler and fix a water leak.

Palacio Rd SANTA FE, NM

Technician performed a swamp cooler start up, and added four pads.

Perriwinkle Place Santa Fe, NM SANTA FE, NM

Repaired two water leaks in 1/2 copper pipe under the house, also measured copper and gas pipes and showed video to customer, they need to be replaced.


Technician performed a swamp cooler start up.

Monte Alto Circle SANTA FE, NM

Installation of 3 Surge Protectors.

Calle Perezoso SANTA FE, NM

Repaired water leak coming from the inside wall, 1yr labor warranty.

La Paz Lane Santa Fe, NM SANTA FE, NM

Rerun 2' drain line for kitchen sink according to code. Applied Teflon tape to kitchen sink ptrap and tightened all nuts under sink.

Camino Pacifico SANTA FE, NM

Cartridges on handles to both bathrooms were replaced had to drill out screws, cause of wear and tear on old brass, installed new cartridges and gaskets for hot ad cold. No more leaks.

Agua Fria Suite 1 SANTA FE, NM

Opened wall ons econd floor bathroom to search water leak. Sealed behind tub faucet. Opened kitchen ceiling in first floor to search for second water leak. Replaced wax ring, spayed Clorox instructed by customer.

Don Gaspar Ave. SANTA FE, NM

Afterhours call, drive way was leaking and technician had to dig to address the issue and leak underneath the concrete.

Via Manzana SANTA FE, NM

Technician installed a Rheem 50 gallon natural gas water heater. 6 year tank/ parts warranty, two year workmanship warranty. potable expansion tank Gas's sediment trap as well.

Calle Camarico SANTA FE, NM

Technicians cleaned out the kitchen sink drain as well as the bathroom sink drain.

Galisteo St Santa Fe, NM SANTA FE, NM

Replacement of the back flood and bleed system purge. Previous was installation was incorrect, the back flow and fast sill were installed backwards.

Camino Tres Arroyos SANTA FE, NM

Water heater circulation pump replacement. Also, installation of a kitchen faucet.

Garcia St SANTA FE, NM